SYRIZA's migration into the transfigured night

Ein Gastbeitrag von Will Denayer

Read opinion pieces in newspapers from all around the world and you will notice that everyone who has a modicum of decency, morality and common sense is appalled, if not absolutely disgusted, by the German position. Some rudimentary knowledge of basic economics also helps. The evolution of events is well-known and there is no reason to go into it. It suffices to know that Tsipras submitted an alternative plan to the institutions on Thursday three weeks ago. This plan was in line with the creditors‘ initial proposal, the Juncker plan that was refused by Tsipras three weeks ago and led to the decision to organise the Greek referendum. To the frustration of many, the Greek government and the Greek parliament accepted it. With this, it seemed that the Greek drama had finally come to an end. The creditors would accept the plan, Greece would sink further into a dystopian pit of bottomless austerity and lack of growth and neoliberal Europe would be as dysfunctional as ever. However, the outstanding characteristic of drama is that there is no closure: at the end nothing whatsoever is solved, innocents have been slaughtered, men with good intentions committed evil while malicious men got away with sadistic intrigue. [...]

Guter Journalismus hat seinen Preis

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