The failed project of Europe – Jayati Gosh zur deutschen Rolle in Europa

Meine indische Kollegin und Mit-Autorin (aus dem Buch „Handelt jetzt“ vom Westend-Verlag) hat eine vernichtende Kritik zur deutschen Rolle bei der „Einigung“ vom Montag geschrieben. Hier der Text und darunter die deutsche Übersetzung:

There is a stereotypical image of an abusive husband, who batters his wife and then beats her even more mercilessly if she dares to protest. Such violent behaviour usually reflects a failed relationship, unlikely to be resolved through superficial bandaging of wounds.

It is stomach-churningly hard to watch such bullies in action. But the world has been watching the negotiations in Europe over the fate of Greece in the Eurozone with the same sickening sense of horror and disbelief, as leaders of Germany and some other countries behave in similar fashion.

The extent of the aggression, the deeply punitive conditions being imposed for a very ungenerous bailout and the terrible humiliation and pain forced upon the Greek people are hard to explain in purely economic or even political terms. It seems to reflect some deep, visceral anger that has been awakened in the EU leadership by the sheer effrontery of a government of a small state that dared to consult its people rather than immediately bowing to their commands. [...]

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