The boat is far from being full

This is an updated version of an article that was published September 1 in German.

Unfortunately, the main event in August was an unexpected one. The almost unabated influx of people from conflict zones into Europe shows glaringly how disastrous the situation has become in their home countries. Let it be said, loud and clear, that the situation in certain North African countries and in the Middle East has been caused, to a very large degree, either by misguided Western military interventions or by policies that have been orchestrated by the West. What is more, the widely divergent responses of the European member states show that no common European policy ground can be found. Several countries are pushing the hot potato away as far as possible when it comes to the question of who does what to help those in need. In the meantime, hundreds of people are drowning at sea and suffocating on land.

In Germany, it has to be said, the majority of the citizens, many politicians and the Government have responded in an entirely appropriate, indeed European, way. Unfortunately, this is not the whole story. On the right, the actions of a small but aggressive mob clearly revive associations with the darkest hours of German history. [...]

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