Paytime in Europe – The refugee crisis will make Germany pay for causing the euro crisis

This article was published in German November 30, 2015

‚Chickens come home to roost,‘ they say in English. They mean that evil deeds eventually come back to haunt the perpetrator. In Europe, this is happening now. Those who work at the European level noticed it more clearly and more early than national actors. Martin Schulz of the SPD, the president of the European Parliament, told Der Spiegel some days ago that the refugee crisis leads to ‘paytime’ in Europe. Schulz fears that the member states will see the refugee crisis as an opportunity to get back at Germany for its economic behaviour and the resulting euro crisis.

Two things are important here. First, finally someone is saying out loud who is responsible for the economic conditions of the euro zone. Apparently, Martin Schulz realises only now what he and others accomplished. Secondly, he is absolutely right. It is paytime, not only because of the resentment of others towards Germany, but also, and more, because it is fully justified on rational grounds.

It is unnecessary to repeat that Europe, and the West in globo, have implemented the wrong policies in the home countries of the refugees (see here for an article on this). [...]

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